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How can you improve your sperm quality?

There are a number of approaches to improving sperm quality, and the extent to which these approaches will be effective. This is because the result of these interventions depends on the problem that is affecting the sperm quality.

Fertility problems in men are most often due to the following problems: too few sperm, sperm that are not sufficiently active, or sperm with an abnormal shape or structure.

Research into poor sperm quality

Research has been conducted into a number of factors affecting sperm quality. This research has focused on the hormone-disrupting substances to which men may be exposed in their everyday environment, genetics, and factors that affect baby boys still in the womb.

This research has, therefore, also focused on pregnant women, their lifestyles before and during pregnancy, as well as their general health in order to investigate potential effects on their sons’ future fertility.

Unfortunately, of all the boys born in Sweden in 2014, about 8 out of 1000 had hypospadias, a congenital malformation of the genitals. In Sweden, 250-300 men fall ill with testicular cancer every year. Both hypospadias and testicular cancer have a strong connection to reduced sperm quality. Some researchers believe that the causal factors for these conditions can be found in men’s everyday lifestyles, and scientists are working hard to uncover the root of the problem.

There are a number of different sperm tests that can give a man answers about the state of his fertility and once a problem has been identified, work can begin to reverse the condition.

How can men avoid getting reduced sperm quality?

Research over many years has shown that there are many factors that can affect a man’s sperm quality.

Fortunately, several of these factors are within an individual’s control, meaning the man himself can do some things to improve his own sperm quality.

Lifestyle changes can improve sperm quality

By changing his lifestyle, a man may be able to improve his sperm quality. Here is a list of areas to which it is worthwhile to pay attention, as well as an in-depth explanation of how a man may be able to improve his sperm quality if he makes changes in his daily lifestyle and habits.

Alcohol consumption and sperm quality

It has been known for many years that alcohol can affect sperm quality. This is why men are advised to follow national health guidelines that indicate a maximum alcohol intake of 14 drinks per week.

However, nobody knows exactly how much or how little alcohol will affect a given man’s sperm quality. Therefore, to be on the safe side, the less alcohol consumed, the better.

Weight and sperm quality

A man’s weight man can affect his sperm quality, so it is a good idea, as far as possible, for a man to achieve and maintain his ideal healthy body weight. Sperm quality can be affected if a man is overweight or underweight.

Exercise and sperm quality

Exercise is beneficial for several reasons, including its good effects on sperm quality. Men should, therefore, develop a lifelong habit of regular exercise, and not just when they hope to father a child.

Diet and sperm quality

A man’s diet plays an important role in relation to his sperm quality, not just because of diet’s effect on weight, but because diet will influence whether a man is getting the minerals and vitamins essential to produce healthy sperm.

Male fertility, genes and sperm quality

The biggest challenge, and one which one cannot do much about, is whether the man’s low sperm quality is due to his genes and chromosomal errors in the sperm. If this is the case, you will need a doctor’s help to select the best and healthiest sperms and use these to fertilize the egg outside the woman’s body.

Doing this may give the woman a better chance to conceive and a higher chance that the pregnancy results in a healthy child after birth.

A baby can be made with just one viable sperm and one egg. This means that doctors, with their fertility treatments, can sometimes performs miracles, even when a man has reduced sperm quality.

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